SETI-Gathering is a festival which brings earthlings together to have liberating and beautiful experiences, be it on the dancefloor immersed in visual and acoustic delights or enjoying the location and delving into art, conversations and other revelations of life. We are a group of friends driven by the wish to create a festival focused on the darker and more experimental side of Psy- and Tekno-culture. We aim to create a space in which we can all freely express ourselves, and shed the layers of our daily social, physical and psychological demands. We would like to invite you to join us on our next edition of SETI to launch ourselves into this years highly anticipated festival-season.

SETI 2k24

This years edition of SETI-Gathering will happen on the 9th of august. We will make a 48h party in a beautiful location close to Erfurt. We will host 2 Dance floors with mostly dark psychedelic and teknoid dance music as well as blissfull chillout sets. Additionally there will be freshly made food to enjoy and art features placed around the location.


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